Fakes Are Never in Fashion: Counterfeit Christian Louboutin’s Hit the Web










New York Magazine blog The Cut must have ESP because yesterday they wrote an article titled “If You See Loubs Online for $160, They’re NOT REAL.” I have been researching the same exact site after I received a frantic phone call from my gal-pal Ana last week. A designer shoe-addict, Ana had spotted these Louboutin’s on the internet and called me to find out if they were real before shelling out $160+ per pair. Turns out a reader wrote in to The Cut to ask if they could verify the authenticity of sites like Louboutinmall.com, which sells shoes with red soles that they say are real Christian Louboutin’s and sell for $160. Louboutin’s never cost that little, even on sale, so The Cut checked with Christian Louboutin’s spokeswoman who confirmed that sites like Louboutinmall.com sell FAKE Loubs. “This website in NOT affiliated with us in any shape or form,” the spokeswoman said over e-mail.

I know the government has been cracking down on counterfeit luxury handbags, sunglasses, and watches but who knew shoes would be next. So buyer beware, any site that doesn’t verify the merchandise is 100% authentic is selling knock-off shoes, not the real thing. And remember, Fake is NEVER in Fashion


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