TWILIGHT Stars Triumph at MTV Movie Awards After Being Unknown’s Last Year

57573949“We’re going to Disneyland!” Peter Facinelli screamed backstage, surrounded by the Cullen clan moments after receiving the Golden Popcorn for best film of the year at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. Ashley Greene marveled, “We won a lot of things!

Of course, we’re all excited about best picture. But I’m also so excited for Kristen,” adding that Stewart’s win was an extra-special moment for the cast “because she won Best Female, it wasn’t one of the ‘breakouts’ — she was in a heavy-hitting category. I’m proud of her!” “I’m proud of all my family right now,” beamed Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Cullen matriarch Esme in the film series.


kristen-stewart-r-pattinson-16814944mtv pressroom2 310509The cast agreed beforehand to let director Catherine Hardwicke give the acceptance speech should they win, but only because another main creative influence wasn’t in the house. “Stephenie [Meyer] should have been here and, as Kristen said, accepted every award. Because this really is all her.”


‘Twilight’ co-star Cam Gigandet won an award for second consecutive year as he and Robert Pattinson punched and kicked their way to victory in the Best Fight category. MTV caught up with the duo backstage after they received their award to discuss how life has changed since “Twilight” became an international phenomenon. “It’s completely polar opposite,” Pattinson confessed. “I don’t even think anybody knew who I was last year.” Pattinson also complimented his co-award-winner for his second straight victory in the category. At last year’s Movie Awards, Gigandet and “Never Back Down” co-star Sean Faris took home the award thanks to a martial arts brawl. “That’s crazy how he won twice in a row,” Pattinson said.

twilight-mtv-5319-11mtv pressroom2 310509twilightwinstwilightwin57574201twilight-cast-hardwicke-stewart-pattinson-88088137catherine-hardwicke-kirsten-stewart-twilight-cast-88087203

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