Summer-ize Your Beauty Routine: The Ten Summer Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

beachNow that summer is upon us, we look forward to lazy days at the beach, our favorite white jeans, flip flops, the scent of suntan lotion. And with all the good comes the bad: humidity so hot your makeup runs down your face, constant perspiring from the heat, you get my drift. So, I’d like to let you in on a little secret and spill the summer beauty products I cannot live without. These products will get you through the hottest of times looking fresh and cool.

Kiehls Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant $11.50 – 1.7oz., $16 – 1.7oz.

kiehlsThis product changed my life and since discovering it a few years ago, I haven’t used anything else. Made with orange, lemon and linseed extracts this deodorant is unscented and leaves no residue. Seriously, I wore this deodorant trekking through Egypt, on holiday in Mexico, playing kickball at the park and I never smelled the part. And when they say it leaves NO residue that is the absolute truth. Save the armpits of your shirts and buy this now.



Trish McEvoy Shimmer Pressed Powder in Bronze Shimmer $32.00

Bronze Shimmer Behind Pink

Bronze Shimmer Behind Pink

If you haven’t started using bronzer yet, then do it. NOW! Bronzer is the one product which can literally make you go from pasty to tasty in 1 minute. I have used this product on friends who have immediately run out and purchased it after seeing the healthy glow and sheen it provided. McEvoy’s super-fine French talc is infused with tiny twinkles of shimmer used to highlight the cheeks, eyes, anywhere you want to cast a warm glow. Great for using all year round to fight off the winter blues and extend your summer tan.


Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss in Sirop $27.00

chanel siropchanel sirop2

Not only is this the most versatile color that can be used on everyone, but it’s the hands down best lip-gloss for warm weather months. Chanel Glossimer provides the perfect level of shine and texture and is available in the hottest colors. The gel texture gives you a shimmery, ultra-glossy look. Sirop is a part peach / part pink sheer color which goes on light and is the perfect addition to a summer tan. The first time I put it on it reminded me of J-Lo’s peaches and cream look with a slick lip to match.


Trish McEvoy Sheer Lip Color $22.00


Summer makeup means lightening up a bit on the products you use. I am lip gloss obsessed, but this Lip Color from Trish McEvoy has me lipstick obsessed. Traditional lipstick was 1) too heavy 2) not shiny 3) not sheer, but this product is everything I was missing in a lipstick. The coverage is sheer, glossy and conditioning. Want the look of a gloss without the waxy mess, this is your item. Comes in a range of great colors including my personal favorite, Barely Innocent, which is the perfect sheer nude with hint of brown. Better yet, the lip color provides SPF 15 and comes in an elegant silver lip case.


La Roche Posay – Autohelios Gel-Creme Self-Tanner $36.00


Are you the type who wears SPF 90 to the beach? Well, even if your not, baking in the sun without SPF isn’t exactly a good thing. While I savor every moment I lay out on the beach, I need to fake my tan since my dermatologist insists I cover up. I rely on self tanner to fake the summer glow. I’ve tried every brand under the sun and find that my absolute favorite is a Roche Posay – Autohelios Gel-Creme Self-Tanner. If you haven’t heard of this French brand of products than check them out right away because their stuff recently hit our shores and has risen to cult status. This moisturizing self-tanner produces a perfect summer glow thanks to the highly spreadable cream-gel texture. The cream provides a gradual and controlled tan effect with 12 hour hydration and has no odor. I even use this product in the winter when my face is this gray/white color and I need to look human again. Check them out at


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Professional 3-in-1 Brow Tool $9.95


This is the coolest new breakthrough that won’t break the bank. The Brow Stylist Professional is a 3-in-1 eyebrow shaping tool. It provides brow powder pencil, a precision tweezer, and brow brush all in one. If you haven’t shown your eyebrows the love they need than get on it because maintaining your brows can change your face. Eyebrow pencil / powder fill in the missing spots on your brows giving you the perfect arch. This pencil comes in every color (including blond), is safe for sensitive eyes, and stays on all day. Who said you had to spend a fortune to look good?


Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Medium-Tan Skin Tones $7.99


If you haven’t tried this product yet, then you are missing out. Introduced 2 years ago, this moisturizing cream creates a healthy, gradual summer glow. I use one shade darker in the summer to ready pump up the volume on my tan. Last summer my boss asked if I had been at the beach all summer because I was so tan. I think he was secretly asking if I had been playing hooky from work, but the truth is it was the Jergens lotion that provided my summer glow.


Trish McEvoy Base Essentials $24.00


Prep your eyelids for a perfect application of shadow with this waterproof eye shadow / base. Available in an irresistible array of colors, these creamy shadows can be wore alone, blended together or paired with powder shadow. Used as a base, it will prevent creasing and extend the wear of your eye shadow while giving off a shimmery look. Perfect for the summer heat, this cream shadow will keep your eyes looking bright all day.


Soap & Glory ‘Scrub Your Nose In It’ $12.99


Target is really becoming a shopping destination and recently launched in the US a skincare line by Marcia Kilgore called Soap & Glory. Marcia Kilgore is the genius who created Bliss, a chain of luxury skincare spa in NYC, which has since branched out internationally. Her products created for Bliss are on the high-price end, but this new line for Target is extremely affordable. Scrub Your Nose In It is an exfoliating face scrub that is the perfect antidote for summer’s oily skin. The multi-tasking scrub addresses large, clogged pores and also works as an oil-absorbing, brightening and pore cleaning mask when left on after you scrub. Your face will feel clean and fresh after using this product.


Lancome ARTLINER – Precision Point EyeLiner $28.00

artlinerWho hasn’t had a day when they couldn’t catch a taxi and ended up walking 40 blocks to their destination with makeup melting off your face? I’ve been there and assure you that you’ll never be stuck with smeared eye makeup again after using Lancôme’s ARTLINER liquid eyeliner. This liquid pen has a perfectly shaped tip, making it easy to define eyes with precision perfect lines. Once applied, it’s on for good. The color won’t smudge and doesn’t fade, giving you all day coverage. Rich, luminous color pigments offer the most intense colors (my favorites are smoke and navy).

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