Morning Coffee: “Housewives of NYC” Kelly Bensimon Tries to Makes Amends with Bethenny Frankel, John & Elizabeth Edwards Marriage is Over, Mel Paid His Wife To Keep Their Pending Divorce a Secret

According to Page Six, “Real Housewives of NYC” Kelly Killoren Bensimon really is sorry for the way she treated fellow ‘housewife’ Bethenny Frankel on the show, despite claiming otherwise on the reunion.

frankel-bensimon-b_0Who can forget the explosive arguments that were a focus of this season’s show after Frankel said Bensimon was acting like Madonna at a charity meeting. The floodgates opened from there and the famous , “You’re down here, and I’m up here,” comment was thrown out. But after seeing herself on television, and how the arguing was portrayed, Kelly sent Bethenny an e-mail saying: “I honestly owe you an apology.” Bensimon went on to list reasons why she was so touchy and on edge including an ex-boyfriend “harassing me like crazy” (we all know how that turned out), “I was late because I had to organize the girls to go to the beach,” lastly “My driver who has been with me since I was 23 told me he had terminal cancer.” Bensimon did see the error of her ways saying, “I am horrified that I was rude to you.” Maybe these two really can turn out as friends.


Don’t call me crazy because I read The ENQUIRER but it was actually this publication’s investigative reporting that first exposed his John Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter. Now, they are reporting that the marriage between John and Elizabeth Edwards has run it’s course. Is an announcement soon to follow?

74091911PK003_Time_MagazineJohn Edwards has been a very naughty boy. According to reports, his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, kicked him out of their bedroom more than two years ago when he confessed to cheating on her and the two are now living apart. While the former senator and presidential candidate occasionally spends time at their mansion, it’s just for the sake of their young children.

Elizabeth Edwards is currently on a book tour promoting her new book Resiliance and the topic of her husbands infidelity consumes a large portion of the book. Not hiding the fact that the couple has had to face difficult times the couple recently told Oprah Winfreythat they’re working to rebuild their shattered union. But the reality is  she banished John from their bedroom when he first admitted his affair with Rielle in December 2006. If you recall,  ENQUIRER reporters caught Edwards with Rielle and their love child in July 2008 at a hotel and it was only after this that he publicly confessed his affair to ABC NEWS. “After John was caught, Elizabeth told him to simply, ‘Get out of the house!'” the source divulged.



Did Mel Gibson Pay Wife Robyn to Keep Her Mouth Quiet About His Affair?

mel-gibson-oksana-pochepa-beach-kissWhen Mel Gibson’s wife filed for divorce last month, few expected the relationship bombshell the papers revealed: he and Robyn Gibson had actually gone their separate ways nearly three years ago. The couple said they “always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of (their) family” but according to a family insider, the almighty dollar was the real reason behind the secret separation.

Reports claim that Mel Gibson feared the damage a marital crisis could cause to his career and his image as a man of faith so that’s why the actor allegedly offered his wife a financial incentive to keep the story under wraps. “So he tried to buy time with Robyn, agreeing to give her $52 million per year — over and above whatever she’d get in a divorce settlement — to remain visibly by his side before she pulled the plug and filed,” an insider revealed. But it seems no amount of money was worth the humiliation Robyn Gibson was said to feel after photographers caught her husband frolicking on the beach with a bikini clad woman in Costa Rica. Not wanting to look like a fool, Robyn told Mel she was filing for divorce and he didn’t fight her.

Mel & girlfriend Oksana

Mel & girlfriend Oksana

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