Is Luxury Brand MISSONI Next in Line to Launch H&M Collection?

Just as the dust settles over Matthew Williamson’s collection for H&M (which launched today) comes word that Missoni is rumored to be next in line for a collaboration with the retailer. 

missoniAngela Missoni said to The UK’s Daily Telegraph: “I would like to do something with H&M because I think it is a very powerful way to reach younger girls now.”

Angela Missoni is currently at the helm of her family’s Italian brand, which was originally started by her parents in 1969. Her muse is her gorgeous daughter, Margherita, has become an ambassador for the brand with half of her time spent modeling Missoni clothes at parties and fashion shoots as well as modeling in ad campaigns. In 2003 Margherita made American Vogue’s best-dressed list.

Missoni is known for its zigzag designs, bold prints, and wild colors so the prospect of a H&M collection is super exciting. Just imagine Missoni knits at an affordable price…

Margherita & Angela Missoni

Margherita & Angela Missoni

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