Battle of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Begins On-Screen & Off-Screen, ‘NYC Housewife’ Bethenny Weighs In

Only one episode has aired, but already the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” are battling it out off-screen as much as they do on-screen.

NJ Housewife Teresa

NJ Housewife Teresa


What was she referring to? A post that Danielle Staub made on her Bravo TV blog bashing Teresa over a comment made about Steve, an acquaintance that we’veonly seen in the teaser trailer. Teresa basically remarks that Danielle’s his booty call, saying his daily visits involve oral sex among other things. Yeow!

Danielle wrote in her blog about Teresa’s remarks: “Now to that over the top, rudest of rude, cruelest of cruel, most baseless tidbit that so easily rolled off Teresa’s tongue. OMG – how would she know why Steve comes to my house (a few times a week I might add, not daily)? Seriously, we were dating and he always said she would stop at nothing to break us up. He told me Joe is a nice guy, but he also told me crazy things about Teresa. He said Teresa used him constantly like an employee. She would make him run to the store, called him to baby-sit her three kids, called him to help her kids with their homework (seriously they were 6, 2, and 3 years old at the time.)

NJ Housewife Danielle

NJ Housewife Danielle

These are Steve’s words, not mine. Plus when Steve would come to my house, we would always do something with the kids. We would take them out to eat, watch a movie with them, have a BBQ, etc. As far as her comment about what I do in my private, intimate moments…she has no right to say anything. As far as I know, she wasn’t there. I asked Steve if he ever said that to Teresa, and he denied ever saying anything disrespectful about me to her. Steve and I did not see each other every day – not even close.”


These frenemy’s appear to have a fragile friendship, which could blow at any minute. Are we witnessing the beginning of the explosion right now? 

Sisters Caroline & Dina Manzo

Sisters Caroline & Dina Manzo

Meanwhile, there is one person who we will NOT be seeing this season on the shoe and that’s because Dina Manzo’s husband, Tommy, is refusing to be filmed.

Dina Manzo said her husband, Tommy, has had it with being on television after VH1 featured their over the top wedding on the first episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding.

“I’ll be honest with you. We did the wedding show, and he just said, ‘I did that already,’ ” Dina said adding, “He said, ‘I work so much, we spend so little time together so the last thing I want is cameras in our faces.’ ”

new-jersey_lDina might label herself a “bitch” on camera, but she said the camera doesn’t always display you in the most positive light. “You know, you are put in certain situations during filming,” she explained. “And I guess I was referring to a certain incident, and they have to use thatas my catchphrase.” That ‘situation’ is the hotly anticipated argument that is highlighted in Bravo’s Housewives of NJ promos that ends with a table being flippedby Teresa. “You can’t really explain what happened in a couple of sentences,” Dina said of the ‘housewives’ face-off. “It really plays out throughout the entire show.”


Wonder what the other ‘housewives’ think of their New Jersey counterparts? Leave it to the hilarious and verbally gifted Bethenny Frankel, from “Real Housewives of NYC,” to chime in with her thoughts. Here’s what she had to say about the Jersey Girls.

Bethenny_021209On Teresa:Cute and sweet, and like Jacqueline (minus the huge rack) she’s everyone’s friend. We find out early that the major drama of this season will stem from their friendship with that cougar-licious beating of a divorcee.

On Danielle: Wow! And people commented on my twins? Where do I begin? With the belly ring? Or with Gucci model? Or with the phone sex? Sweetie, get a toy. She is the controversial New Jersey version of Kim (only the broke version) and those Jersey barracudas are going to eat her alive. What I do like, though, is her ability to be honest about her relentless search for gold, how her husband left her nearly penniless and how she needs sex like a starved animal. The only thing is that I love to watch Kim because she is this larger than life pink, country-singer type caricature.

On Caroline:She is the head of the 5 families. Growing up at the racetrack, I know this woman. In some ways, I am this woman. As a kid, I had to live in Ozone Park, Queens for years at a time with this tough broad Pat. Caroline reminds me of Pat. Family is first, more so than any housewife ever. She takes it to a level where she is bragging about her car wash, strip club owning cub like a proud lioness. She’s great. I love she and her husband, their love and that they came from nothing. She is the favorite. I love her need to care for her sister Dina. Her husband endearingly asking about Dina’s short shorts was great too. These girls definitely eat: ziti, meatballs, the whole works, but no one will get devoured like that plastic blow up doll they call Danielle.

On Dina:She is pretty and tough and the belle of this ball. She needs to visit Zarin Fabrics and redo that cluttered gaudy mess of a house, but then again, my one bedroom apartment is no Architectural Digest shoot. Her daughter seems cool, and we can see that her absent husband will become a pressing theme. Love the family dynamic – sisters married to brothers. Fantastic.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey1On Jacqueline:I wonder how she and her husband met. Judging by her set of ta-tas, I don’t think it should have surprised her neighbors that she doesn’t play tennis. She and Dina are due for some black eyes if they plan on shuffling around that tennis court. She also puts family first. These girls, unlike us, the OC and Atlanta aren’t too narcissistic to put themselves before their kids.

On the Housewives Across the Hudson:Oddly, the show seems similar to Atlanta and the OC and maybe our show in some ways. That trailer of coming attractions from the seasons may be the best I’ve ever seen on Bravo, and I’m on board for sure. Maybe they’ll have viewing parties at The Brownstone where I would love to crash an Italian wedding. So many throwbacks to my degenerate childhood in this show that I may have to pay a visit. Jersey’s here to stay.

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