Morning Coffee: Christian Bale Opens Up About Heath Ledgers Death, Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Getting Divorced, John Edwards’ ex-lover Rielle Hunter Getting Paternity Test

After Heath Ledger passed away unexpectedly from an accidental prescription drug overdose in January 2008, celebrities spoke out about the famed actor who left us far too soon. One actor who remained silent was Christian Bale.

baleActor Christian Bale co-starred with Heath Ledger in the blockbuster movie “The Dark Knight”, which earned Ledger an Oscar for his performance as the Joker. Now, Christian Bale is breaking is silence about Heath in an interview with Esquire Magazine. Christian Bale refused to watch the news after Heath Ledger died, fearing the speculative content and constant gossip would tarnish his memories of his friend. “I paid no attention to it. I knew him, I knew the family and why the hell would I sit there listening to idiots who don’t know anything at all? I literally didn’t read anything, didn’t watch anything (after he died)” he told Esquire. “If I happened to be watching anything that came on, I switched over straight away. It’s incredible the way the voyeuristic outlook is accepted as news.”

bale2Bale is still mourning the passing of his friend who he felt had a passion for acting as intense as his. “Many times I’ll work with actors and I can tell they’re thinking, ‘What are you doing? Why are you going that far with it?’ or ‘You’re nuts!’ With Heath, I could feel him going, ‘I love it! It felt like we were really pushing each other on, to the limits of where you can go with it. He was a good guy. There’s not a lot of actors who I stay in touch with. But Heath was one of them.”




I was SHOCKED when I read on PageSix this morning that supermodel Stephanie Stephanie Seymour is getting a divorce. I had no idea there was trouble in paradise.  

brantSupermodel Stephanie Seymour is getting divorced from her wealthy businessman husband, Peter Brant, after 16 years of marriage. The couple have 3 children and split their time between the Hampton’s and Greenwich, CT. Who can forget Seymour’s 90’s relationship with Guns N Roses front-man Axl Rose which resulted in her starring in two of their video’s. Seymour was a longtime model and Victoria’s Secret Angel before meeting Brant, who was married and had five children. Brant is an avid art collector who plays polo, owns thoroughbred racehorses and publishes Interview and Art in America magazines.

Seymour filed for divorce two months ago and now the battle begins as her soon-to-be ex-husband is not playing nice. A friend told PageSix that Stephanie came home and discovered the locks had been changed so she’s sleeping in the maid’s quarters. The pair is due in court in Greenwich, CT on Monday and this is expected to be a bitter brawl since Brant is accusing Seymour of being an unfit mother and challenging her for custody of their three children Peter Jr., 15, Harry, 12, and Lilly, 4. To be continued….. 


And to think this man could have been President

edwardsJohn Edwards sex scandal has been heating up since his wife, Elizabeth, has been making the rounds talking about her husbands infidelity to Oprah Winfrey today and penning a new book about it. Rielle Hunter, the ex-senator’s former lover, is said to be furious at her portrayal as a stalker on Elizabeth Edwards media tour and is planning to take revenge by finally allowing a paternity test for her baby. Hunter previously refused to allow DNA tests on baby Frances after John Edwards insisted he wasn’t the father. Now comes reports that Hunter has changed her mind and is ready to proceed with paternity tests.

If you recall, it was the National Enquirer that originally broke the story of the affair and is now uncovering the news about the oaternity tests. A friends said to the magazine, “Now she can see there’s never going to be a future with John, and she feels he’s lied about his promise to keep Elizabeth from trashing her in the book. Last year, John Edwards denied he was the father and offered to take a DNA test if Hunter would let him.

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  1. RIP Heath

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