Miss Chrissy’s FAVORITE Shopping Sites: ShopStyle & ShopItToMe

I am going to let you in on a little secret. You might not have heard of these 2 sites, but they are really the only sites I shop on. If you haven’t checked them out yet, do so NOW!

ShopStyleKidsShopStyle.com started it all and is truly genius. The site brings together your favorite online stores and best brands and combines them into one site making it the most fashionable shopping destination. The best part: the site allows you to set up your own unique ‘stylebook’ and ‘wish list’ which tracks your favorite items and alerts you when they go on sale. HELLO!!!! This is amazing and I have been a loyal user since last year when it launched.

ShopStyle is the on-line equivalent of browsing the aisles of the world’s most fabulous store. It allows users to cross-shop hundreds of thousands of apparel, home decorating and kids products all in one place. They feature products from popular designer brands, as well as up and coming boutiques allowing users to search the most stylish stores at once — by designer, brand, store, sale items, price point, and color.












Last year I was dying for the BotkierGladiator bag in snakeskin print, but I wasn’t about to pay full price. So I put the bag on my wish list and a few weeks later an email alert was sent to me when the bag went on sale. Not only did it go on sale, it was half off so I quickly jumped on it. Remember the Christian Dior Gladiator shoe that became a wait list item after Carrie Bradshaw wore them in Sex and the City: The Movie? I searched ShopStyle and actually found an online retailer who had them. Searching for a black cocktail dress? Input your search parameters to generate results based on your requirements. If you don’t have time to browse the web racks for hours on end fantasizing about your dream closet, then view their looks for idea’s on what you might like or click ‘celebrity style’ to see what the stars are wearing and how you can get it.

I am telling you this is the shopping site I live by. Starting off, it will take some time to set up your profile of ‘wish list’ items as you scour the pages of summer fashion, but it’s worth it because you’ll get those email alerts and scream Hallelujah when that must have item gets marked down.












Don’t have time to customize a look book, but you still want alerts when items go on sale, then check out ShopItToMe.com. Signing up is quick and easy. Simply submit the departments you are interested in (womens, mens), select the brands you like (there are 600+), select clothing type and finally enter your size. What you’ll receive is a daily Salemail from the site giving you the stores the items are available in that are on sale and in YOUR SIZE. After signing up I immediately started receiving SaleMails and was shown items from the brands I love, but hadn’t seen yet. It was fun to branch out to some items that even I wasn’t aware of. Once you click on the item you are interested in, it takes you directly to the retailers website so you can purchase from them.

ShopItToMe focuses on clothing, while ShopStyle also includes home and beauty. Have fun!

One response to “Miss Chrissy’s FAVORITE Shopping Sites: ShopStyle & ShopItToMe

  1. Another great site is Empora -Shop Your Style on http://www.empora.com – whydo I like it? It allows Visual Search, my favourite picture of a dress searches for dresses rather than my words.

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