Rihanna on the Mend: Singer Dumps Chris Brown for Teenage Sweetheart

Rihanna is mending her broken heart with a ‘Love God’

rihannaRihanna’s heart is finally on the mend and repairing it is her teenage sweetheart. The singer, 21, has been in Barbados getting reaquanted with her former boyfriend Negus Sealy, 24, who she dated before she was famous. Reports suggest the pair are rekindling their romance following Rihanna’s split from Chris Brown, who allegedly assaulted her. Rihanna has been telling her friends and family that her relationship with Brown is over for good. That comes as a huge relief since rumors of a reconciliation have made loved ones fear the singer’s safety.

rihannagunFriends have said, “Negus was a shoulder to cry on. He’s a really smart guy-clever, good-looking, very cool. All the girls adore him and call him the Love God! He and Rihanna were seeing each other before she hit the big time.” A relative of Rihanna added, “The family are delighted about her seeing Negus again.”

Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court last month and denied assault. If convicted he faces up to five years in jail.

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