MEL GIBSON’s Wife Sued For Divorce After Hearing His Lover, Oksana, is Pregnant

THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMELS BACK! Hearing her husband’s Russian lover say she is pregnant is what FINALLY promted Robyn Gibson to sue for divorce.  

meloksanaMel Gibson’s wife, Robyn, ended their 28-year marriage after his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, told friends she was expecting the couple’s child. Robyn finally had enough after finding out her husband had moved the 39-year-old Grigorieva and her 11-year-old son into a mansion he purchased in California. Public records confirm that Grigorieva resides in the house, which was purchased by the CFO of Mel Gibson’s production company, Icon. Sources say, “Robyn put up with Mel for years but when she found out Oksana was telling friends she was expecting it was the last straw.” Mel’s wife Robyn recently filed for divorce and in court papers he claims they’ve been separated for three years.



 Not surprisingly the actor’s children are said to have cut off contact with him after separating from their mother and are furious over the adultery accusations. A Gibson Malibu neighbor said, “The children are totally furious about the collapse of their parents’ marriage. None of them are talking to their dad right now”.

Oksana Grigorieva is a model and classically trained pianist who has been with Mel since at least last year and was the mystery woman photographed embracing him in the Costa Rica surf earlier this year. Grigorieva, who has a son with James Bond star Timothy Dalton, has been spotted outside Gibson’s mansion chatting on her mobile phone with what appears to be a baby bump under her shirt. Other than that, she has been lying low in order to avoid the media firestorm around her. So the big question is, are the couple really expecting? Stay tuned….  


Oksana & Timothy Dalton

Oksana & Timothy Dalton










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