BEAUTY OBSESSION: Sara Happ’s Lip Slip and Lip Scrub are Addictive

A few weeks ago while attending my BFF’s wedding, I discovered a new product that has me hooked. Follow my path to enlightenment on the quest for luscious lips with Sara Happ’s Lip Slip & Lip Scrub.

lipstuffThe countdown was on to Heather’s wedding that evening and with mere hours before the “I do’s” we were out getting manicures. Driving in the backseat of her lil-sis’s car, I found an interesting pot on the backseat floor. “There you are”, exclaimed Wende. She had been searching for her precious lip scrub for days and not realizing it fell out of her purse. I opened the adorable jar labeled ‘The Lip Scrub’ and inhaled heaven: almond, sugar, candy sweet. I wanted to eat it, not scrub it on my mouth. When she told me there was an irresistible lip balm to complement the scrub, I scopped some out and started slathering.  





























If you’ve never used a lip scrub then I highly recommend you do as soon as possible. Lipstick, lip gloss, balm and dead skin all buildup on your luscious lips making them less than perfectly pouty. The scrub, which comes in six sweet flavors like almond crème and brown sugar, gently buffs your lips leaving a sugary after-taste that makes you wants to lick your lips until the taste fades away. Then comes my favorite part: The Lip Slip! After the scrub, you must reward and quench your smooth lips with something irresistible. As a lip gloss / lip balm addict I have tried EVERYTHING out there and cannot go more than 20 minutes without reapplying my lip gloss. The Lip Slip is silk for your lips, a buttery smooth balm that coats your pucker while providing a clear, super shine. A balm like no other, Lip Slip provides the richest and glossiest hydration imaginable. Infused with sweet almond, jojoba and macadamia nut oils, the scent is positively addictive. lipstuffpeople2



























Now hooked, I never leave home without my Lip Slip in my purse. Now, if they would only make this in a body version I’d be set.


Items can be purchased at and other beauty luxury shops for $24 each.




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