Photos of Real Housewives Gretchen Rossi in Compromising Positions That Include Men & Toilets


“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi has had gossip vultures circling ever since it was revealed on the Reunion show that she might have had an inappropriate relationship with a man, while her fiancée lay dying in the hospital.

Rossi has claimed that she never had a romantic relationship with Jay Photoglou and recently obtained a restraining order against him after he tried to enter her house, threatened to kill her and then kill himself. RadarOnline has located a photograph which shows Rossi and a ‘non-romantic’ Photoglou in a compromising position.  

The photo, taken in February 2008 at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas, shows Gretchen sitting on Jay’s face while he appears to nibble on her…..female genitals. Rossi’s skirt is hiked up, apparently giving Photoglou full access. At the time this photo was taken, Gretchen was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, who didn’t attend the event. Beitzel, who is now deceased, battled leukemia and died shortly after taping finished for the show. Rossi is now a spokeswoman for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Rossi is now dating Slade Smiley, former fiancée to “Real Housewives of OC” Jo De La Rosa.  

Gretchen & Slade

Gretchen & Slade

 In even crazier Gretchen Rossi news, the star has filed a lawsuit against website after they posted a photo of her on the toilet. Rossi’s attorneys have fired off a cease and desist letter to TheDirty demanding the pictures removal.

I just checked the site and in addition to the toilet photos, I also found a series of other photo’s involving Gretchen. One photo is of her topless, while others show her breasts being grabbed by men.

Rossi claims the photos were stolen from her and posted without her consent. TheDirty has posted a response on their site saying the pictures weren’t hers to begin with and they weren’t taken with her camera. They accuse her of lying to her legal team and claim they haven’t received anything from her lawyers yet.

gretchen_rossi1I am not going to post the photo’s, but they show a bikini clad Gretchen on the toilet smiling for the camera in a cowboy hat. They were obviously taken while having fun or partying since she has a big smile on her face.  All I have to say is GIRL, GET AWAY FROM THE CAMERA PHONES!

2 responses to “Photos of Real Housewives Gretchen Rossi in Compromising Positions That Include Men & Toilets

  1. How do we call someone a slut politely?

  2. realfauxhousewives

    That chick is a slut there is more gossip about Gretchen and all the ho wives on this site check it out

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