Happy Hour: Mel Gibson Spotted- Will The Real Oksana Please Stand Up, 24 Moving to NYC

Will The Real Oksana Please Stand Up- 3 Women Report Being Mel’s Mistress

melisaloneMel Gibson was briefly spotted yesterday on the beaches of Costa Rica looking glum and sad as news of his divorce continues to spread like wildfire. Yesterday I reported that 24 year old Oksana Pochepa spoke to the UK’s Sun and admitted that she is the mystery woman in Mel’s life claiming that their love is “strong and long-lasting”. Oksana was nowhere to be seen on the Costa Rican beach.


oksana3In the meantime, repors have surfaced that 3 different Oksana’s have come forward as Mel’s mistress. It’s hard to keep track of but Oksana Pochepa is one of them. The second woman being named was classical pianist Oksana Kolesnika, but the married woman quickly denied being linked to the star saying “I have no idea how this mistake has been made”.


Jack Bauer and 24 Taking on The Big Apple

keiferEntertainment Weekly is reporting that Jack Bauer and 24 will be relocating to New York next season, after 7 seasons in Los Angeles. The show will still be primarily shot in LA, with some NYC location footage mixed in. Kiefer Sutherland smash hit begins production on Day 8 next month and rumors say that CTU will make a comeback.

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