Justin Timberlakes New MTV Reality Show, The Phone, Guarantees To Be A Suspenseful Adventure

Justin Timberlake is getting ready to debut his unscripted series on MTV. The Phone, a six episode, one-hour series from executive producer Justin Timberlake, places contestants in nail-biting situations.

Justin Timberlake, Executive Producer of MTV's New Reality Show 'The Phone'

“The game starts… now.”

Will you answer the call?

The sound of a ringing telephone is nothing out of the ordinary. But for those who are brave enough to answer The Phone, they can be certain that a harrowing adventure awaits them. An intense, suspenseful thriller, The Phone is not like anything you’ve ever seen before. According to MTV, we can expect to see tasks ranging from “hanging off the edge of Seattle’s Space Needle to racing into a burning building to save a man’s life.”  To win the prize of $50,000 “the player’s loyalty, courage and morality are tested and their true nature is exposed when a surprise and shocking twist is revealed at the end of the game.” 

In each episode, four strangers will get a call. Soon after they answer, they’ll be paired off and create two teams that will go head-to-head as they race to survive a potentially deadly game. They’ll be faced with hair-raising predicaments while given the opportunity to walk away with the grand prize…..if they survive.

Based on a Dutch reality series, this show is an adrenaline junkie’s fantasy. MTV said, We’re turning the reality competition format on its head and plunging the contestants into a real life Bourne Identity, not just in the tone and creative, but also in terms of the visual style and pacing. Each week will be an action packed mini-movie. When you watch, your heart will pound as hard as the contestants!”

From executive producer Justin Timberlake, The Phone is nothing short of the most dangerous game on television.

The Phone premieres on MTV April 21 at 10 p.m.

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