Have you noticed an influx of high-art nails in magazines and fashion spreads lately? Sparkly metallics, graphics, and photo-quality designs on display are courtesy of Minx, a new “nail fashion” company that has become a fast favorite with industry professionals. Made of flexible film, the non-liquid lacquers are easily customizable and applied sans hazardous chemicals, excessive dry time, and the risk of smudging or chipping.


I have read about Minx Nails in 3 different publications this week (and it’s only Tuesday). April’s issue of Vogue Magazine featured Lauren Santo Domingo and Zoe Kravitz (Lenny’s hip daughter) sporting the latest accessory, which Vogue dubbed a “heavy-metal manicure”. Then today, the New York Post featured the the Minx as New York City’s must-have manicure. So I had to find out, exactly what is Minx?


Minx is now. Minx is everywhere. Minx is the latest fashion craze. The manicure of the moment incorporates metallic, mirror-finish, foil-like coverings, which descend from NASCAR decal technology. The nail-shaped films are applied to clean, buffed fingertips in a wild array of colors and patterns and can last as long as two weeks. Heat lamps seal the decal to the nail bed and any excess material is removed and filed. Best of all, they won’t chip because they’re made of film, not polish, and they won’t damage your nails since they’re chemical-free. Minx can only be applied by a Minx Certified Professional. Although there are salons spread throughout the US where you can have a Minx manicure, there is only ONE place to have this done in NYC and it’s with legendary New York manicurist Honey (real name: Audra Hinds).

honey3Minx has been in high demand since the nail decals were spotted on Beyoncé in her “Single Ladies” video, as well as on Mariah Carey and Eve to name a few. The most popular Minx manis are the metallic silver and gold decals, but Honey says prints are picking up. Even though the salon is in Brooklyn, Honey will make house calls to Manhattan.

Honey’s seven-day workweek is split between editorial shoots for magazines and ad campaigns, working out of De Lux Gallery Salon in Brooklyn (704 Fulton St.; Atlantic Avenue stop on the B train). She can do a Minx manicure in less than 20 minutes and a pedicure in less than 30. She takes appointments as late as 10 p.m. and does 10 to 15 Minx applications in a day.

To make an appointment with Honey, visit www.honeybunniekat.com or call 212-920-1066. Minx manicures cost $55, pedicures are $70. House calls are $105 for hands and $125 for feet. http://minxnails.com/

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