Bruce Springsteen Alleged Affair Have Gym Members Weighing In, Accusations Flying and The Boss Wife Standing By Her Man

The divorce saga continues with Ann Kelly denying affair allegations, Arthur Kelly denying abuse claims, gym members starting to talkann_kelly1 about Ann Kelly’s relationship with The Boss and Springsteen’s wife standing by her man.

Ann Kelly, who is being accused by her soon-to-be ex-husband, Arthur Kelly, of having an affair with Bruce Springsteen insisted that she and The Boss never had a relationship. Ann Kelly’s attorney, Noel Tonneman, responded to allegations by saying, “All she wants everyone to know is that she’s denying all this.” Tonneman also said, “We plan to file on Monday an application to seal these records so this media circus ends.” Ann Kelly, 44, spent the weekend hiding out on the Jersey Shore and trying to avoid the media circus which has escalated since her husband’s claims made headlines.

Ann Kelly belongs to The Atlantic Club in Red Bank and gym members have been reluctant to discuss her alleged romance with Springsteen. Her attorney did confirm that she knows Springsteen through her membership at the Atlantic Club, but denied accusations of an inappropriate relationship. Now, members from the Atlantic Club are starting to talk about rumors that surrounded the pair that had people talking.


Reports from The New York Post said Springsteen and Kelly quit a New Jersey gym last year amid racy rumors that they were more than just treadmill buddies and resurfaced together again at another gym. Gym rats claim they saw The Boss and Ann Kelly at the old gym being “lovey-dovey with each other.” The source also said, “They looked like a couple.” The pair was constantly surrounded by whispers after meeting at a gym four years ago and wound up trading one club for another. Now, they are both trying to stay low-profile at the swank Adrenaline Health Club in Sea Bright.

Arthur Kelly’s divorce attorney, Edward Fradkin, defended his client against allegations that he was an abusive husband saying that he has not been violent to his estranged wife, an allegation both she and her father made last week. “There is no history of violence by Mr. Kelly towards his wife, and Mrs. Kelly dismissed the temporary restraining order,” Fradkin said in a written statement. “Mr. Kelly is hopeful that he and his wife can minimize any disruption to their children and resolve their issues amicably. He hopes and expects his wife and her family will follow the same course.”


Meanwhile, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen’s wife of 17 years, is staying quiet and appears to have brushed off reports about her allegedly two-timing man. On Friday night, during the E-Street Band’s show in Denver, CO, the lead backup singer wrapped her arms around her husband and brought down the house when they sang “Tougher Than the Rest.” Maybe that was their way of saying we’re sticking this out.

2 responses to “Bruce Springsteen Alleged Affair Have Gym Members Weighing In, Accusations Flying and The Boss Wife Standing By Her Man

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  2. Bruce got caught Dancing in the Dark…
    Cheaters never win!

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