Real Housewives of New Jersey Say Bring It On

Happy Wife = Happy Life was the motto of last nights preview of the latest edition of the “Real Housewives” franchise and this time Bravo TV is moving to New Jersey. The 5 Housewives are chock full of fashion, drama, glamour and of course, the Jawsey accent. Comparisons to Carmela Soprano be damned, these Jersey Girls are the real deal.


What happens when you take two sisters, one sister-in-law, one friend and one outsider and have them film a reality show….tons of drama. With this kind of lineup, this is bound to make for great reality TV when “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” premiers on Bravo on May 12. The fourth addition to the “Housewives” family might be the best yet, with a mix of ladies who prove to the world that the NJ stereotype isn’t all you think it is.

Reality TV junkies have already met Dina & Tommy Manzo when they celebrated their nuptials on “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding”. What you didn’t know at the time was Dina married her sister, Caroline’s, husbands younger brother. The wedding was an over the top event with Dina, an Interior Designer & Event Planner, at the helm of planning the wedding of a lifetime. With 500+ people the wedding cost over $1.5 million and three years later the Manzo’s are coming back to reality TV to give us another dose of their extravagant lifestyle.  


From the looks of last nights preview, this season could be the most explosive yet. Bravo didn’t divulge all the goods, but dropped a few crumbs of whats to come including some major drama with “Housewife” Danielle, a recent divorcee who is looking for a man to finance the lavish lifestyle she has become accustom to. I can’t wait to watch “Housewives” sisters Dina & Caroline take on anyone who challenges their ‘blood is thicker than water’ motto and “Housewife” Teresa get breast implants. Sister-in-law “Housewife” Jacqueline appears to be the quiet, non-confrontational cast member but we did get a glimpse of some trouble heading her way. Shopping trips along with luxurious clothes, jewels, and cars will be par for the course with this season, but also a strong sense of famiglia which we haven’t seen much in previous seasons. Leave it to a mostly Italian cast to demonstrate how family comes first and invite us to experience Sunday dinners, work and play the Italian way.

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