Jersey Girls Latest Addition to Housewives

jersey_girlsBravo has finally released a photo of the latest addition to the “Real Housewives” family. Judging by the the look of things, I am certain we can expect even more drama as well as fun times.

In an interesting twist, two of the Housewives are sisters who are married to a pair of brothers. And to really keep it in the family, their sister-in-law is also one of the Housewives. Anyone who saw “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding” on MTV and WE will remember Dina & Tommy Manzo. He owns a catering hall in New Jersey and they hosted an over the top wedding filled with celebrity entertainment and more flowers than the Botanical Gardens. Dina & Tommy’s wedding was by far the most entertaining & extravagent to watch being planned (in an argument over money, he accused her of writing checks until the ink runs out), so I look forward to seeing them in post-wedded bliss. Her sister, Caroline, made a brief cameo on the show as did Tommy’s brother, Albert. And if you weren’t already hearing the Soprano’s theme song play on the opening credits there is a bit of a mob twist. The New York Post reported the Manzo brothers’ father was the late Albert “Tiny” Manzo, who was found shot four times in the back of a car in 1983. His killing has not been solved, but police believe he angered Bergen County mob figures by trying to open an unauthorized gambling parlor.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Tuesdays starting May 19.

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