Rock Stars or Kids Band???



As an avid concertgoer, opening acts are usually my least favorite part the event. Who wants to see some unknown & barely audible group fill time when you can barely contain your excitement as the second’s countdown to Madonna, The Rolling Stones or U2 taking the stage? There have been 2 occasions when I was proven wrong: 1) a little known band named Stone Temple Pilots were the opening act of a rock show I attended in Long Island and instantly became mesmerized by Scott Weiland’s fluid body movements and the captivating sound of their music. I was an instant fan and still am to this day; 2) a relatively unknown band called The Strokes opens a show in NYC and immediately I was intrigued by their retro-rock music vibe: rock with a faster beat, fun sound, instantly likeable. A few weeks later, they were on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine as the band to watch.  On both occasions, the music spoke for itself.

The opening act at the Bret Michael’s show was a band I had never heard of called ZO2. When they came onstage I thought it was a good time to buy a tee shirt so I didn’t have to stand in a hot crowd, bored out of my mind. By their second song, they had caught my attention. “Who are these guys again?” we kept asking, because we didn’t bother to catch their name. The 4 of us bopped our heads along to this energetic rock trio. This was rock-n-roll but heavily influenced by funk and like nothing I had heard before. And more than that, it was fun to listen to and entertaining to watch them play. The band themselves are quite an interesting mix of characters. The 2 guitarists / singers are brothers, although I would never guess by looking at them. Picture a guy with wild afro-like curly hair, the mouth of Steve Tyler and the moves of Mick Jagger and you have Paulie Z. He worked the crowd with his charisma and charm and had the ladies in the front row swooning. His brother, David Z, plays bass guitar and looks like the typical Rock-God: long, raven colored hair, hot body, sexy eyes. When he took off his shirt, I believed I saw some flashing ladies in the front row. On drums is Joey Cassata, who is the only non-family member in the band. Hiding out in the back we immediately had him labeled the strong silent type. He has dark, long hair that was whipping around in his face as he pounded away on the drums. We liked what we saw. The next day I checked out website find out ZO2 has a television show on the IFC Channel. Here’s the kicker:  Rock band by night….kids band by day.  Huh??

Z Rock is a comedy series that follows three friends leading a double life. Z Rock is (kinda) based on the true story of the band Z02 (brothers Paulie Z and David Z, and lifelong friend Joey Cassata) doing what it takes to avoid menial jobs to pay the rent. By day, they re-invent themselves as Z Brothers: THE band to book in New York City – if you want your trust-fund five-year-old to be the envy of every blue blood in school.

I checked out some clips and videos from their site and the show is hilarious. Now I just need to find out when the IFC Channel will be running more episodes. 


One response to “Rock Stars or Kids Band???

  1. IFC will begin rebroadcasting season one of Z Rock this Tuesday, March 31st. Season two premieres on Sunday, June 7th.
    You can see more about Z Rock at and keep up with ZO2 at or AND ZO2 is now on!

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