Greetings & Salutations from Chrissy’s Closet!

bret21Bret Michaels




I saw Bret Michael’s in concert last week and had a blast. I went with my 3 soul sisters Amy, Cecilia & Trish and it felt like we were back in the carefree days of junior high / high, singing along to the songs of our youth. To the ladies in the house, Bret is so hot in person with an ass smaller than Kate Moss’. For the men, stop making fun of me for revisiting my 80’s youthquake. Yes, I was a huge fan of Poison and it happens to be the first album my Father banned from the house. When I was in junior high I asked him to copy the lyrics of “Talk Dirty to Me” so my I could learn the words to my new favorite song. Dad worked at IBM and had access to all the cool copy machines which I often used to photocopy my butt along with the pictures of Tiger Beat magazine so I could hang them on the wall. Usually he could be counted on to simply make copies without bothering to look at the content of the teenage related documents. But on this occasion, he looked……and nearly blew a gasket. When he got home I was in deep shit because not only had I paid money for an album that promoted teen sex, worse off, sex in Dad’s car. In case you forget the famous lyrics, here’s a trip down memory lane:

Cause baby well be

At the drive-in

In the old mans ford

Behind the bushes

Till Im screamin for more

Down the basement

Lock the cellar door

And baby

Talk dirty to me

A devotee of “Bret Michaels Rock of Love” show on VH1, I jumped at the shot to see my “Rock of Love” live. Bret’s currently on his Rock of Love Tour and played The Chance in Poughkeepsie last week. I knew the small venue would be packed with groupies / skanks reliving their teen fantasies and hoping for their shot at love with Bret, and was surprised by the large number of men in attendance. The two hour show was an energetic blast fueled by a crowd that sang along to the sounds of our youth as we were brought back to the days of hair bands & ripped jeans. Bret opened with the song that started it all, “Talk Dirty to Me”, and continued with classics that included; “Unskinny Bop”, “Something to Believe In,” “Nothing But a Good Time” and the timeless #1 smash “Every Rose Has its Thorn.” I didn’t have a lighter handy to wave in the air, but I did get chills when he sang that song as it brought back the carefree memories of being 12 years old again. Also, two big surprises were his tributes to Bob Dylan / Guns N Roses with his version of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and in honor of the first record he ever bought “Sweet Home Alabama”. Standing next to the speaker left me deaf in my right ear for 2 days, but it was all worth it to have 1 night with Bret where I left behind the stress of adult-hood and for a short time to become a teen again.


One response to “Greetings & Salutations from Chrissy’s Closet!

  1. LOL – I TOTALLY forgot about Dad and the lyrics.

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