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HAPPY HOUR: Gisele and Tom to Tie The Knot (Again) in Costa Rica, Fern Mallis Is The New Tim Gunn


Gisele Bundchen, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Tom Brady

The secrets out…..Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen plan to wed in front of family and friends near her house in Costa Rica this weekend. This weekends festivities will follow the intimate nuptials on February 26 in a Santa Monica, Calif., church which featured Brady’s 1½-year-old-son and only a few guests. In fact, Gisele changed out of her wedding gown and into jeans gown before attending an intimate celebratory dinner that evening.



Thursday’s night rehearsal dinner gave us an idea of what type of guest list to except from the A-List nuptials. In addition to friends and family, Brady’s New England Patriots teammates and Bündchen’s modeling-world pals will be in attendance.  No word on if she’ll be wearing another fabulous creation by Dolce & Gabanna on her big day.

Bundchen has come under heavy fire recently from Tom Brady ex (and baby momma), Bridget Moynahan, over remarks she made in Vanity Fair regarding her step-son John. Gisele told the magazine, “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent.” Team Moynahan fired back a response questioning Bundchen’s decision to discuss the toddler in the press, something she felt a mother wouldn’t do. It h also been reported that Moynahan was upset that Brady failed to mention his evening nuptials when he picked up their son on February 26.




People outside the fashion world might not know her by name, but they know her work. That’s because Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President of IMG,  is credited with creating New York “Fashion Week”. Mallis has always been behind the scenes, but will soon be thrust into the limelight with Bravo TV’s latest project, The Fashion Show. Since Bravo’s lawsuit with Project Runway recently ended with the show moving to Lifetime Television, a major void had to be filled over at Bravo in the wake of huge success with Project Runway.


The Fashion Showwill feature fifteen professional designers who will compete in a fashion creative competition for a chance to have their designs sold in the retail market and win a $125,000 prize. Joining Fern Mallis as judges are Designer Isaac Mizrahi as well as four-time Grammy Award-winning performer Kelly Rowland.

The Fashion Show premieres on Bravo on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 10 p.m. ET. Fifteen professional designers will compete in this fashion creative competition series for a chance to have their designs sold in the retail market and win a $125,000 prize.

FIRST LADIES OF FASHION: Michelle Obama Meets Her Fashionable Counterpart, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

It’s a moment we’ve all been waiting for – the meeting of the world’s best-dressed First Ladies.


First Lady Michelle Obama and her French fashion equal, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, finally came face-to-face as they accompanied their husbands to a meeting in France. And in an off twist of fashion fate, both First Ladies were wearing tie-neck jackets. Talk about fashion sync.

Mrs. Obama wore a floral jacquard coat & matching dress by Thakoon, who she sported on the campaign trail. Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy opted for her go-to fashion favorite Christian Dior, wearing a gray belted lambskin coat with a slightly flared sleeve. The First Ladies both wore slight shoes, kitten heels for MObama and Dior ballet flats for Bruni-Sarkozy, considering their towering heights.

Bruni-Sarkozy made headlines when she made her first official visit to the UK and wore a beautifully selected wardrobe by Christian Dior, featuring a pill-box hat which had on-lookers regarding her as the new Jackie O.  But MObama has taken the fashion industry, and political world, by storm with her selection of lesser-known American designers and cutting edge pieces.


In the end both First Ladies looked fashionable, elegant and appropriate and stayed true to their colors by being represented their home fashion teams. I can’t wait for any future First Lady summits with the two of them.


Madonna Appeals Judge’s Decision to Reject Adoption


Madonna’s never been known as a quitter so it’s not surprise that she is going to press forward with her adoption fight for a Malawi orphan. In move that surprised everyone involved, a Malawian judge rejected Madonna’s request to adopt a second child from Malawi saying it would set a dangerous precedent to bend rules requiring that prospective parents live here for a set period of time. Now comes word that Madonna’s lawyer, Alan Chinula, has “filed notice for appeal in the Supreme Court of Appeal.” The country’s child welfare minister had come out Thursday in support of the pop superstar’s application to adopt 3-year-old Chifundo “Mercy” James.

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A Malawian judge has rejected Madonna’s request to adopt a second child from Malawi because of a requirement that requires prospective parents live in the southern African nation for at least 18 months. This means the 50-year-old singer cannot take custody of Chifundo – whose name translates into English as Mercy – or leave the country with the child, usually the first formal step to granting a full adoption.

Madonna, who was not in court on Friday, can appeal the ruling to Malawi’s Supreme Court. The residency rule was waived in 2006, when Madonna was allowed to take her adopted son, David, to London before his adoption was finalized in 2008.


music and entertainment 160309

A man who forced his way into Jamie Foxx’s hotel room last week was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stalking and other charges. On March 22, Steven Taliver, 49, barged into Foxx’s Philadelphia hotel suite after posing as one of Beyonce’s producers. Foxx managed to keep him from entering the room and slammed the door in his face. Taliver was booked after Foxx’s security team noticed him near the set of Foxx’s new movie, Law Abiding Citizen, and called the police.

After 15 Years, ER Says Goodbye


NBC’s “ER” ended its 15-year run Thursday night. The medical drama earned a record 122 Emmy Award nominations since 1994, and its final episode mixed current cast members with old favorites for the shows final sendoff. Former cast members Eriq La Salle, Laura Innes, Sherry Stringfield and Alex Kingston returned for the finale. So did Noah Wyle, and his character of Dr. John Carter, who was central to Thursday’s story. The series’ biggest star, George Clooney, paid a final visit back to the show three weeks ago.